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One on One Wellness Coaching

...Feel Empowered


'In Touch' Wellness Coaching-  Feel Empowered!

What is it and how will it help me?...

 My experience as a massage therapist brought me to realize the impact of introducing people back to their own bodies and re-sensitizing with increased awareness.  We naturally become physically out-of-touch with ourselves due to the stresses and strain of life which can often build physical resistive layers that can harden and become un-malleable, inflexible and even develop scar tissue.  Equally with our habits in small increments and unnoticed over time, we build layers over our issues, fears, beliefs and out-dated coping mechanisms that unconsciously run our lives. We basically become desensitized to our own selves and why we do what we do.


I have witnessed a pattern in massage therapy that when my clients become more in touch with their own body through massage, this awareness precipitates re-adjustment and shifts the way their body operates, self-regulates and even heals.  Our body's infinite wisdom is often tapped into through awareness and can be our ultimate motivation in visualizing and realizing a greater self.  


Through a series of comfortable conversations and thoughtful questions, you will take an expansive journey into yourself that provides you with the personal tools to clear your own path to greater well-being, confidently leading you towards a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment. This process will put you in the drivers seat of your own life by identifying a consciously taking steps to achieve your goals.


What is Coaching?

Let's Chat! ...

Coaching starts out as simple as that; a chat.  You talk and I listen.. mostly.  It’s a comfortable dialogue with a friend, but a friend who is all about YOU.  But, let’s first establish what coaching isn’t:

I am NOT your Advisor or Nutritionist.  I don’t dole out advice based on my opinions, biases or what I think you should think. I simply help you to find your own answers and enhance your own ability to make conscious choices you can truly ‘own’.


I am NOT a Consultant.  I don’t necessarily have the skills and knowledge to direct you in any way regarding specific aspects of your business or personal life.  I don’t have to know about what you do or be more knowledgeable than you in any way.

I am NOT a Social Worker or Mental Health Professional.  I do not diagnose and am not licensed to diagnose any mental or emotional conditions that may reveal themself in a session. However, I might suggest or refer to another mental health professional if I feel the need to do so.

What I AM:  I am a trained and Certified Health Coach.  Someone who helps you establish areas you would personally like to work on in your life, or issues you would like to overcome. Goals you would like to achieve, big or small. Coaching encourages you to work towards these goals with a greater understanding and feeling of empowerment. I am your accountability partner. I am your inspiration… butt kicker…tough love friend and ultimate advocate for you to become your greatest self. I am not the voice in your head, but help you to hear your own true voice.

We can contract sessions for short or longer periods of time and you are always in the driver’s seat on this journey.     

So, let’s start by just having a conversation and see if it's a fit for you… that’s how all great things begin.

617-791-0555 txt/mobile

Certified Health Coach/ Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Shetty Certified Empowerment Coach

Member Association for Coaching, US

Testimonials *

* These are actual testimonials from clients, however photos have been closely recreated for privacy.

Woman in Yellow

"Amanda is an amazing coach. What I appreciate about Amanda is her kind demeanor, warmth, and empathy. There is a silent strength that Amanda has that made me feel comfortable with her from moment one. She's down to earth, yet positive. I am not one that enjoys being questioned, yet, Amanda’s curiosity is gentle and supportive. I was always motivated to look into myself by her genuine eagerness to learn more about me. Amanda made me feel at ease every session we worked through, and helped me to surpass my goals in a short time frame. I felt as though we have known each other for years, and she understood me. Amanda is an asset in my arsenal of getting stuff done.

 I would highly recommend Amanda for coaching!!"

Alishia L.

Male Portrait

"I walked into our first session with a healthy dose of skepticism.   After experiencing  Coaching first hand, I can confidently recommend it, and Amanda specifically, to anyone looking for clarity and progress. Each session, she conducted herself professionally and passionately and I left each one feeling energized for my next steps.  The guidance has been incredibly helpful, Amanda deftly navigated the conversations.  She was actively listening and engaged each time, yet not leading me in any way.  Her insights were all timely, relevant, and helpful.

 Amanda is incredibly effective at teasing out solutions while still making space for my ownership of my position and forward momentum.  Her heart is clearly in her work and I feel I've benefited from her effort even in the short time I've been working with her. "

Cam H

Portrait of Senior Woman

"Amanda is an outgoing individual, who emanates a beautiful warmth and humbleness.  I felt we had an open trust relationship to start. I could definitely sense her desire to connect with me as a client and help me work through my situation.   Her coaching ability is founded on a mature though youthful perspective and complemented by a diverse career background and gifted performing talent.  She brings a great gift of herself to others."

Bernice F.

Coaching Packages

All Sessions are On-Line/ Virtual



Let's talk for awhile and see if coaching is right for you and if we're a good fit for each other.  The only investment is an hour of our time. Sound good?



Sometimes a lot can be accomplished in one session. It could be a mindset shift or an actual specific solution. If you're not sure if coaching on a continuum is right for you, this is a great place to start.

One, Three or Six-Month Package

$125 per session

They say it's cheaper by the dozen, and this goes for coaching, too. There are many incentives when you make an investment in personal growth and one of them is financial. With packages both the rate and the return is great!

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